About us

Godessa Jewellery was founded by designer and maker Laura Reynolds and is based in Resort Studios, Margate.

Godessa Jewellery tells the stories of women. We care about your stories, they give the world inspiration, hope and beauty. They are at the foundation of everything we do at Godessa because we make jewellery for you.

 At Godessa we have taken an ancient tradition of jewellery as story-telling and reimagined what it means today. Through our work we create an intimate dialogue between designer, maker and wearer. Each piece of jewellery in the Godessa collections is carefully thought-out, designed and handcrafted with a story of its own. It then enters into your story, transforming into your meaning, expressing your narratives.

 We believe this thread of story-telling passed on from designer, to maker, to you, is completely unique and has a powerful message. We value your individuality and through our jewellery create a visual language of identity and meaning that connects to a wider network of female experience.

 Godessa Jewellery is about bridging stories together, past, present and future and about celebrating the strength, courage, love and inspiration that each of your stories tell. Our designs use simplicity and elegance to communicate a timeless style. We use symbols and repetition of pattern to create meaning, giving Godessa pieces a unique and striking quality.

 We offer a range of sizes and choice of finishes that reflect the importance we place on individuality and choice and, as all of our jewellery is handmade in our studio, we can incorporate individual customer specifications.

As your stories are so important to us, we would love to hear about them so please follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share your favourite pieces and the story that goes with them.