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Spring Equinox...

Spring Equinox...

On 20th March the spring equinox finally arrived,
marking the beginning of Spring.
The equinox is when the centre of the sun sits exactly above
the earth's equator and day and night are about equal.
To our ancient ancestors who didn't have such precise time
keeping, they seemed equal, which is where the word equinox
comes from, two latin words - aequi, meaning equal and nox,
meaning night.
For me now feels like the real new year, as perhaps it was
many thousands of years ago, when we followed the cycles of
nature much more intimately. Rather than the one we
celebrate in deep dark winter when we are all exhausted from

Seeing the sun shine and nature beginning to burst with life, it
really feels like a time of new beginnings, a time to nurture
your dreams and aspirations and start bringing them to life.
Accordingly, I spent the last few days reconnecting to my
vision, my aspirations, thinking of what my hopes and dreams
are for this year.

One of my aspirations is to grow Godessa because I would
love more people to connect to the empowering and positive
messages that the goddesses bring. My vision is to bring their
voices back through everything I create.
I thought I'd share these thoughts around Spring and my
aspirations in case it is something you too can connect to. I'd
love to hear your thoughts and if you are feeling the same
burst of energy around this time?

Maybe one day I'll petition to get the new year changed, for
now it will just be me and the goddesses celebrating with you!
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Did you know...

Did you know...

In ancient Greece she was called Aphrodite, the Romans called her Venus and the germanic people Frigg. The seven days of the week are an ancient creation and correspond to the time it takes for the moon to transition to each of its phases. 
Over many thousands of years and many different cultures, the days of the week have been linked to the planets and divinities. The Romans, following the ancient Greeks, associated each day of the week with a celestial body who was in turn associated with a god or goddess. 
Here are the Roman associations with the gods and goddesses (some share the same name as the planet itself): 
Sunday - Sun - Helios
Monday - Moon - Diana
Tuesday - Mars - Mars
Wednesday - Mercury - Mercury
Thursday - Jupiter - Jove
Friday - Venus - Venus
Saturday - Saturn - Saturnus 
The Romans associated Friday with Venus, in their latin language it was 'dies Veneris'. 
English names for the days of the week are in keeping with this tradition, but they have been influenced by the germanic myths and language. 
So what was Venus day in Roman times became 'Friggs day', Frigg being a Germanic goddess of love and fertility, which eventually evolved into Friday. And that's how Friday is named after the goddess of love ❤️ 
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