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List of Gemstones for Cosmic Goddess Amulet

List of Gemstones for Cosmic Goddess Amulet

Starting in the left hand corner of the eye and going clockwise around it, here is a list of the gemstones:
Pink Tourmaline
Pink Opal
Rose Quartz
Smoky Quartz
Black Spinel
Crystal Quartz
Green Onyx
Lapis Lazuli
For more information about each gemstone see my blog on gemstone meanings :)
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Gemstone Meanings

Gemstone Meanings

Here you will find a list of the gemstones available to choose from for your Cosmic Goddess Amulet with some associated meanings. Of course it is subjective and different properties and meanings present themselves to different people, but these ones come from what resonated with me and the research I have done around the mythology and energetic properties associated with these gems.




Amethyst is a beautiful purple gemstone and has been used for adornment for at least 4000 years. In ancient Greece amethyst was believed to prevent intoxication. In medieval times it was worn by soldiers as a protection amulet, they believed it kept them level headed and could heal them. 

I associate amethyst with the goddesses Artemis and Diana.

Because it is a gemstone long associated with protection, I would choose amethyst if you want to stimulate or protect inner balance, a sense of calm and your intuition. It is also very connected to the third eye, spirituality and higher consciousness.

Amethyst properties:



Spirituality, higher consciousness, meditation.

Healing, especially promotes sobriety and can help heal addiction.





Aquamarine is a beautiful pale, almost transparent blue. It has been used in jewellery and adornment for thousands of years. Pieces have been found from ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and Roman times. Aquamarine as its name suggests has long been associated with the sea. Folklore told that it was the treasure from underwater mermaid chests and Roman sailors would carry pieces as amulets to protect them at sea.

I associate aquamarine with the goddess Aphrodite.

A gemstone that has been used for protection for thousands of years, aquamarine is a perfect choice for an amulet. Choose aquamarine if you want to call in or protect a sense of calm, tranquility and serenity. Its association with water connects it to the realm of emotion and imagination, so choose this stone if you want to protect your emotional body and/or your imagination. It can also help with calm and peaceful communications.

Aquamarine properties:


Quiets the mind.





Black Spinel

A beautiful shiny stone, black spinel is a lesser known gemstone. Spinels come in a variety of colours, red being the most famous, in fact the 'Black Prince's Ruby' in the crown jewels is actually a spinel. Although spinels are lesser known today, they have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years in adornments.

I associate black spinel with Medusa.

Black gemstones naturally have a very protective quality to them, absorbing negative energy and transforming it. Choose black spinel if you want to protect your aura / energy and keep negative energy away. Black spinel is also a very empowering stone and can keep you on track if you are looking to achieve success in something.

Black spinel properties:



Facilitates movement of kundalini energy up the spine.

Helps with achieving success.



Carnelian is another gemstone that has been used for thousands of years in jewellery. It was especially popular in the royal courts and was often carved upon. Carnelian was thought to be a gemstone of good luck.

I associate carnelian with the goddesses Amaterasu and Brigid.

Carnelian has a vibrancy and strength to it. Being a 'Stone of Kings' it is associated with courage and leadership as well as personal power. Choose this gemstone to protect your inner vitality and life force energy. It can also stimulate or protect your optimism, positivity, motivation and clarity. Finally choose this gemstone to protect or bring you good fortune.

Carnelian properties:


Connects you to life cycle.

Vitality and motivation.

Gives courage.

Clarifies perception.

Calms anger, banishes emotional negativity.

Invigorates the mind and body.



Chrysoprase is a luminous yet soft green colour. Although some artifacts with Chrysoprase have been found from Greek and Roman times, this gemstone became popular from the 1700s when large deposits were found in Poland. It was prized for its stunning green colour and was thought to bring prosperity and protection.

Choose chrysoprase if creativity and keeping your heart open to beauty is important to you. The green has a translucent, magical quality to it that also speaks to someone wanting to protect their soul purpose. Choose chrysoprase if you want to protect your heart and/or you are a sensitive person.

Chrysoprase properties:

Connection to the divine, soul purpose, meditation.

Draws out talents, stimulates creativity.

Open heart.

Security and trust.

Protection, especially if you are sensitive.

Prosperity, connected to soul purpose.



Ranging from pale to deep yellow, citrine has been used in jewellery at least from the times of ancient Egypt where it was thought to carry the energy of the sun. The ancient Greeks connected citrine with their goddess of the harvest, Demeter. It was also widely used for decoration of swords by the Scots in the 17th century. Also known as the merchant's stone for hundreds of years it has been used as a talisman to attract weath and prosperity.

I associate citrine with the goddess Amaterasu, Lakshmi and Demeter.

Citrine is sunshine in a stone. Choose this gemstone for your amulet if you want to protect or stimulate your personal power and happiness. It is also a good choice if you want to attract or protect your ability to manifest abundance and prosperity. 

Citrine properties:

Happiness, joy, positivity.

Energising, revitalising.

Abundance, attracts wealth and prosperity.


Personal power.

Agency, self-confidence, self-expression.



Coral comes in various colours, for the cosmic collection we use the most vibrant red. In terms of amulets vivid red coral is probably as old as it gets, with at least around 7000 years of history. It has been found in prehistoric burial sites and was extremely popular in Roman times. Throughout its history it has always believed to have special protective powers and the Romans would hang coral charms on young children to protect them from harm. Its mythology is also connected to Medusa, and it is said coral came from her fallen blood. Coral is also traditionally used as good luck charm throughout the mediterranean.

Over farming has rightly made people more cautious about coral, however, there are sustainable options and all coral used in Godessa pieces are sustainably sourced or recycled from old vintage pieces.

I associate coral with Medusa.

Given its 7000 year back story, coral is definitely a potent amulet choice. I would choose this gem if you feel like you need to protect your personal power or your heart. Coral will evoke the medusa vibes and ward off any negative energy or bad intentions. It will show you red flags. It will also protect your own good fortune.

Coral Properties:


Good fortune.




Crystal Quartz

Transparent crystal quartz is a powerhouse of a gemstone and fashioned crystal quartz beads have been found dating back 9000 years, making it a pretty special stone. The ancient Egyptians used crystal quartz in their rituals and believed it had special powers. Over the course of human history it is often referred to as the 'perfect gem'. 

I associate crystal quartz with the goddess Artemis.

Crystal quartz would be a good choice for someone who feels secure in their life purpose and wants to amplify and protect that energy. It is also a good choice for people doing healing work in any form. Crystal quartz has a strong spritual aspect to it and will protect your path. 

Crystal Quartz properties:

Master healer

Energy amplifier, absorbs, stores releases and regulates energy.

Spiritually raises energy to highest possible level.



Garnet is a deep rich red colour, sometimes appearing almost black depending on the light. Garnet has been used in jewellery at least since the bronze age, 5000 years ago. Necklaces of garnet have been found in the tombs of ancient Egyptian pharaohs and they called it the 'Stone of Life'. Garnet has a history of being used for amulets, worn by warriors going into battle and by those looking to protect themselves from plagues. It was used for signet rings by nobility in Roman times for signing important documents and the clergy continued this use into Medieval times.

I associate this gemstone with Queen Nefertiti.

Choose this gemstone to protect or connect to your primal power. It is a stone that calls to your inner strength and deep passion. It is a serious stone with serious power. This would be a good stone for a heart led leader and/or someone with a lot of responsibility.

Garnet properties:



Stimulates rise of Kundalini energy.



Opens the heart.

Self confidence.

Drive, focus.


Green Onyx

Green onyx is a stunning gemstone with a deep yet translucent green colour. The history and mythology around this gemstone is more recent than other gemstones, which adds an air of mystery and privacy to this stone. It was used in the early 1920s and was often used for carving sculptures.

I associate Green onyx with the goddess Lakshmi.

Choose this gemstone to protect and invoke vibrancy, creativity and abundance. This would be a good gemstone for more quiet and private souls, who are creative and intellectual. This gemstone has a lot of heart to it and a lot of depth.

Green Onyx Properties:


Protection of the heart.




Powerful realisations



Known to the Inuit people as the 'Fire Stone', in their folklore it is told that the Aurora Borelis are trapped inside labradorite and only once a brave warrior was able to break the stone with his spear and release the light. Though known to the Inuit people for many generations it wasn't until 1770 that it began to be mined and was brought to the European market.

With its flashes of light, labradorite is a mesmerising gemstone. It is a good choice for those seeking transformation. Due to its reflective nature, it is a protective stone, acting like a shield, reflecting off negativity. It is good for those who want to seek or protect deeper insights, especially of a spiritual nature. 

Labradorite properties:


Protection, barrier to negative energy.


Psychic gifts.

Energises the imagination



Lapis Lazuli

A beautiful deep, rich blue, with flecks of gold, Lapis is a stunning gemstone. Like coral and crystal quartz, lapis lazuli reaches far back into human history, with evidence of it being mined almost 9000 years ago. It comes with a rich history and mythology. It was especially loved by the ancient Egyptians who had many uses for it, including the ultramarine pigment, which was used to create incredible art from the Egyptians through to the Sistine chapel by Michelangelo. Lapis was said to contain the soul of the gods.

I associate Lapis with Queen Nefertiti.

Lapis Lazuli is a good choice for those wanting to stimulate or protect their voice and self-expression. Lapis is the stone for speaking your truth. It is a stone of leadership and sovereignty.

Lapis Lazuli properties:

Spirituality, opens third eye.


Personal power

Power of spoken word


Friendships and bonds 



A gentle yet luminous blue, larimar is only found in one specific place, deep inside a remote mountain on the Dominican Republic. It has only been mined since 1974, however the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic have long known about the stone which they would find washed up on the seashore. For sure it will have its own folklore on the island, but it remains a mysterious stone.

Larimar is regarded as a highly spiritual stone, able to take you to a higher consciousness and open your mind to other realms. Choose this stone if yours is a very spiritual and healing path in this lifetime and you want to protect it.

Larimar properties:

Spiritual stone, communication with other realms

Radiates love and peace.



Connection to femininity.



The delicacy and translucency of moonstone connects it to its namesake, the moon. It has been used and admired since ancient times, with both the Romans and the Greeks associating it with their lunar deities. It was believed to have visioning qualities, as well as attracting love, wealth and success.

Moonstone is a beautiful choice for those who connect deeply to their divine femininity. Choose this stone to protect and evoke a deeply intuitive, reflective nature. It is also a good choice for those seeking to protect or master their emotions.

Moonstone properties:




Makes the unconscious conscious

Emotional calmness and stability

Feminine energy



Cosmic opal has long been considered a magical, supernatural gemstone. Some say the mining of opal goes back 10,000 years. Native Americans were said to use the gem to enter into the dream realm. The ancient Greeks believed it gave the owner the power of prophecy as well as protecting them from illness. For the Romans it was 'Cupid's stone' said to represent the god of love's complexion.

I associate opal with the Cosmic Goddess and through my reading I am certainly not the first to make this cosmic connection!

Choose opal to protect or guide you to your true soul calling. It is a gemstone that speaks to interconnectedness of the universe and our unique creativity and purpose while we are here in this time and place.

Opal Properties:

Enhances cosmic consciousness, mystical visions.

Stimulates orginality and dynamic creativity, helping you to express your true self.

Karmic stone, what you put out comes back, interconnectedness.




Pearls have been worn as adornments for thousands of years. The oldest known pearl to have been used by humans dates back 8000 years and was found in an archeological dig in Abu Dhabi. The oldest piece of jewellery found belonged to a Persian princess who lived around 2500 years ago. Pearls have long been a symbol of wealth, Cleopatra famously crushed and dissolved a pearl into a wine glass to demonstrate her vast wealth to Mark Antony and Julius Caesar passed a law that only royalty could wear pearls.

In ancient Vedic texts pearls are called the daughter of the moon and were beloved to the god Krishna who gifted his daughter a pearl necklace on her wedding day. Pearls are also associated with the moon and water, with some cultures calling them the tears of the gods.

I associate pearls with all the goddesses I work with.

Pearls are a good amulet choice if you want protect or inspire your abundance and good fortune. Pearls are also connected to purity, beauty, grace and femininity and would be good if you feel connected to any of these to help amplify them. 

Pearl properties:

Purity, innocence

Good fortune



Calm, tranquility

Inner drive.


Grace, femininity



Beautiful lime green Peridot has a rich history in human adornment. It was first found on an island in the Egyptian Red Sea. Legend tells that the Pharaoh made the inhabitants mine for the stone day and night and they were able to find it even at night from its beautiful glow, and so it got its name as 'the gem of the sun'. Through its history peridot has been used as a protective stone, especially to ward off night terrors. In Hawaii the little peridots that wash upon the shores are said to be the tears of the goddess Pele.

I associate peridot with the goddesses Lakshmi and Pele.

Peridot is a good choice to protect yourself from outside influences and help you look within to find your unique destiny. It is a protective stone, especially to help you find inner peace. Peridot will light up your way.

Peridot properties:


Cleansing and purifying

Detach from outside and look to your own higher energies for guidance.

Good for healers

Visionary, helps you understand your destiny and spiritual purpose.

Self-confidence and self-compassion


Pink Opal

Pink opal ranges from a soft gentle pink, which is what we use for the cosmic goddess amulets, to a more vibrant saturated colour. Pink opal was used by the ancient Egyptians, who called it the 'Hope Stone'. Believed to bring good luck and support, pharaohs would wear a pink opal crown before beginning any constructions or battles. Incan tribes used pink opal to communicate with deities, in particular the Mother goddess Pachamama and Cherokee tribes held it as sacred.

Choose pink opal if love, healing and gentleness are an important part of your life journey. Pink opal is also good to bring you back to hope if you find yourself caught up in worry or anxiety.

Pink opal properties:

Self-healing, surrender.



Tranquilty, calm


Pink Tourmaline

Pink tourmaline properties:

Attracts inspiration, compassion, tolerance and prosperity

Promotes self confidence

Love, both romantic and self-love

Synthesises love with spirituality.



Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz properties:

Unconditional love



Inner healing

Receptivity to beauty

Positive affirmations



Ruby properties:

Energising, re-invigorating.

Encourages you to follow your passions and bliss.

Abundance - retaining wealth and passion.




The beautiful celestial blue colour of this gemstone has it long associated with heaven, divinity and enlightenment. The first known use of sapphires in jewellery is from around 3000 years ago by the Etruscans. In medieval times sapphires were favoured by the Royal families, believing the stones would protect them from harm and attacks to their power. They continue to be a stone of choice for the royal family even today. Sapphires were worn by the Greeks when they consulted oracle's for guidance, which is probably where the stone gets its reputation as the 'stone of wisdom' from.

I associate Sapphires with the goddess Asteria.

I would choose sapphire if you want to protect or feel guided to a life path of wisdom and enlightenment. Sapphire is also a good choice for those speaking publicly in some way and will help you speak your truth.

Sapphire properties:

Wisdom stone

Peace of mind, serenity

Brings prosperity 

Helps self-expression, speaking your truth.

Love and purity

Spiritual path


Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz properties:





Neutralises negative energy and brings in positive energy



Up until the 1800s sunstone was a rare gemstone, however, large discoveries of it in Norway and Oregon meant it became more widely available. Sunstone was known to the Native Americans who believed that the blood of a brave warrior was flecked into the crystal, making it an important ancestral stone and giving it a special power. There is evidence that the Vikings used sunstone as a navigational tool, something about the quality of the gem allowed them to see the placement of the sun even on overcast days. Throughout its history sunstone has been identified as carrying the power of the sun.

I associate sunstone with the goddess Amaterasu.

Sunstone is the perfect choice to protect your inner light and help you radiate your true self out to the world. This gemstone will also protect and guide access to your inner joy and happiness. This is a beautiful gemstone that brings a light to your personal power and self-worth and will protect your natural good fortune.

Sunstone properties:

Warming, joyful.

Heightens intuition

Helps you to radiate your true self, self-confidence

Connects you to the light and re-generative power of the sun

Luck and good fortune.

Facilitates self-empowerment, independence and vitality.

Increases self-worth and self confidence

Optimism and enthusiasm



Discovered in 1967 tanzanite's story tells of Masai herdsmen finding the stone emerging from the earth.

I associate tanzanite with the goddess Asteria.

I would choose tanzanite if you want to call in deep transformation. It will also protect and stimulate your inner light and help you shine.

Tanzanite properties:


Spiritual path

Inner light



Stunning and vibrant Turquoise has been used by humans for adornment for at least 5000 years. The ancient Egyptians and Aztecs used it for ceremonial objects and rituals, believing it to have protective and sacred powers. Tutankhamun's famous burial mask was inlaid with Turquoise. Over time Turquoise has been used both for protection and for good luck. It was also thought to be prophetic and that its changing colour could foretell danger or death. The Persians believed turquoise brought good fortune and victory. Finally throughout the Mediterranean it was believed turquoise could protect the wearer from the 'evil eye'.

I associate Turquoise with the goddess Hathor.

Turquoise is a good choice if you want to feel very protected, especially from the envious or mal-intented gazes of others. Turquoise will also welcome in good luck and guide you on your path of self-realisation. 

Turquoise Properties:

Highly protective stone




Inner calm


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If you want to go straight to find your birthstone, at the bottom of this blog you will find three birthstone lists. The last one, named 'Godessa', lists the birthstones I will be using for the Cosmic Goddess Amulets. If you want to know a bit more about the history of birthstones keep reading :)

The concept of birthstones as we know them today has an interesting history.

From what we know, it begins in biblical times, over 2500 years ago, with something called the breastplate of Aaron, which was set with 12 precious stones that were said to hold great power and could foretell people's fate.

This gemstone breastplate was written about in the book of Exodus, and though no connection was made at that time, five hundred years later a historian created one between the 12 stones of the breastplate, the 12 months of the year and the 12 zodiac signs. Inspired by the historian's teachings people started wearing the gemstones in elaborate designs hoping to harness their power.

Over the next five hundred years the story of birthstones weaved in and out of our culture, mixing with influences from other traditions, such as Hinduism, where gemstones were also associated with certain powers, deities, days and months.

Then we get to around the 16th century and find evidence of the concept that we still use today, of wearing one stone for your month of birth.

This tradition continued over the centuries; however, it was only in 1912 in America that the National Association of Jewellers met and decided to standardise which gemstones were associated with which month. And although there have been a few additions in more recent times, it has pretty much stayed the same to this day.


So as you can see the history of birthstones is intertwined with history, myth and magic. And to continue this tradition, I have decided to weave my own interpretation into it. Below you will find three lists.

The first is the original standardised birthstone list created in 1912 by the American National Association of Jewellers.

Next we have the modern version still used today as the 'standard'.

And finally we have the Godessa version, which lists the birthstones I will use for the Cosmic Goddess Amulets. I love the idea of evolving this over time to connect it to the goddesses too, so watch this space!


I hope you enjoyed reading about birthstones and it helped with some decision making :)

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Spring Equinox...

Spring Equinox...

On 20th March the spring equinox finally arrived,
marking the beginning of Spring.
The equinox is when the centre of the sun sits exactly above
the earth's equator and day and night are about equal.
To our ancient ancestors who didn't have such precise time
keeping, they seemed equal, which is where the word equinox
comes from, two latin words - aequi, meaning equal and nox,
meaning night.
For me now feels like the real new year, as perhaps it was
many thousands of years ago, when we followed the cycles of
nature much more intimately. Rather than the one we
celebrate in deep dark winter when we are all exhausted from

Seeing the sun shine and nature beginning to burst with life, it
really feels like a time of new beginnings, a time to nurture
your dreams and aspirations and start bringing them to life.
Accordingly, I spent the last few days reconnecting to my
vision, my aspirations, thinking of what my hopes and dreams
are for this year.

One of my aspirations is to grow Godessa because I would
love more people to connect to the empowering and positive
messages that the goddesses bring. My vision is to bring their
voices back through everything I create.
I thought I'd share these thoughts around Spring and my
aspirations in case it is something you too can connect to. I'd
love to hear your thoughts and if you are feeling the same
burst of energy around this time?

Maybe one day I'll petition to get the new year changed, for
now it will just be me and the goddesses celebrating with you!
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Did you know...

Did you know...

In ancient Greece she was called Aphrodite, the Romans called her Venus and the germanic people Frigg. The seven days of the week are an ancient creation and correspond to the time it takes for the moon to transition to each of its phases. 
Over many thousands of years and many different cultures, the days of the week have been linked to the planets and divinities. The Romans, following the ancient Greeks, associated each day of the week with a celestial body who was in turn associated with a god or goddess. 
Here are the Roman associations with the gods and goddesses (some share the same name as the planet itself): 
Sunday - Sun - Helios
Monday - Moon - Diana
Tuesday - Mars - Mars
Wednesday - Mercury - Mercury
Thursday - Jupiter - Jove
Friday - Venus - Venus
Saturday - Saturn - Saturnus 
The Romans associated Friday with Venus, in their latin language it was 'dies Veneris'. 
English names for the days of the week are in keeping with this tradition, but they have been influenced by the germanic myths and language. 
So what was Venus day in Roman times became 'Friggs day', Frigg being a Germanic goddess of love and fertility, which eventually evolved into Friday. And that's how Friday is named after the goddess of love ❤️ 
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