This page is dedicated to the people that have worked with Godessa jewellery, in appreciation of their fantastic work.

Poppyann Medhurst - Stylist for photoshoots with Shannon Langley and Sheradon Dublin, Website Consultant, Social Media Manager.

Shannon Langley - Photographer of the studio photoshoot with model Liepa Maknavičiūtė, wearing pieces from the Artemis, Aphrodite, Diana and Asteria collections. Also assisting on the shoot were Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist Aston Davies and photographer's assistant Lauren Rudd 

Matilda Delves - Photographer for the beautiful spring shoot in the pretty grounds of Northdown House, Margate. Shots included many pieces from Artemis, Diana, Asteria, Aphrodite and Classic Silver collections.

Sheradon Dublin - Our first ever photoshoot, which took place at at Limbo, Margate. The photoshoot was themed around the goddesses Artemis, Diana, Asteria and Aphrodite, with various black backgrounds and props showcasing the jewellery. Shots included three statement pieces and three overall collection pieces.