This page is dedicated to the people that have worked with Godessa jewellery, in appreciation of their fantastic work.

Sophia Schorr-Kon - I had the joy of collaborating with Sophia to create different portraits and photos of the pieces being worn.

Sophia put so much thought and energy into preparing for the photoshoot, as well as being amazing on the day itself, that I got so much more than just beautiful photos from this experience.

I was quite nervous about being in front of the camera, it brought to the surface the self critical eyes that I do my best to keep closed! But the moment she arrived I felt completely at ease. She helped me bring out the best in myself and helped me be a vessel to show the pieces in their best light.

Some people and collaborations are alchemical, they bring magic and transformation and you create something new and beautiful. Sophia is one of those people and this was one of those collaborations.

I really can't recommend her highly enough. Find out more about Sophia and her photography and her website

Nisha Jayne - I collaborated with the wonderful photographer Nisha Jayne on the product shots of my jewellery for the website. We had an epic photoshoot together. It was epic in many ways including that I haven't laughed as much as I did for a long time.

Nisha was great fun to work with as well as incredibly talented and has the highest professional standard. Her shots really show the pieces in detail and captured them in their best light.

I would absolutely recommend Nisha, to find out more check out her instagram @nishajayne or

Helen Brooker - I was extremely lucky to be able to work with artist Helen Brooker to create a set of illustrations, one for each collection, to help tell the stories of the godessa collections. Helen captured exactly what I was looking for and worked incredibly hard on this project. 

Poppyann Medhurst - Stylist for photoshoots with Shannon Langley and Sheradon Dublin.

Shannon Langley - Photographer of the studio photoshoot with model Liepa Maknavičiūtė, wearing pieces from the Artemis, Aphrodite, Diana and Asteria collections. Also assisting on the shoot were Make-up Artist and Hair Stylist Aston Davies and photographer's assistant Lauren Rudd 

Matilda Delves - Photographer for the beautiful spring shoot in the pretty grounds of Northdown House, Margate. Shots included many pieces from Artemis, Diana, Asteria, Aphrodite and Classic Silver collections.

Sheradon Dublin - Our first ever photoshoot, which took place at at Limbo, Margate. The photoshoot was themed around the goddesses Artemis, Diana, Asteria and Aphrodite, with various black backgrounds and props showcasing the jewellery. Shots included three statement pieces and three overall collection pieces.