Aphrodite Collection

Aphrodite was the Greek goddess of love and beauty, and with this power she ruled over all living beings. The myth of her creation sees her rise from the sea a fully-grown woman; as she steps onto shore, grass and flowers spring up beneath her feet. She was worshipped as the ancestral mother goddess, an embodiment of fertility, a regenerating force that gave people hope. A powerful primordial goddess, Aphrodite’s origins go deep into our past and the echoes of her stories are still present today.

The Aphrodite collection is inspired by her history and myths. Her symbol is the heart and she represents love in all its forms, and the power of life.

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Aphrodite elegant handcrafted sterling silver hammered heart stacking ring, unique delicate handmade jewellery
Aphrodite unique handcrafted jewellery sterling silver hammered heart statement ring, elegant handmade jewellery
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